Our team

We offer years of experience from construction, planning and permitting, financial modeling, engineering, and design, to the extensive cannabis knowledge. You can be sure Our Team will be able to assist you. Our first meeting is always free of charge and We do our best to make the money you spend as effective as possible.  

Our Goals

Our Goals are to help you and your business be successful, from graphic design work, marketing strategy development, banking services, insurance, and more. We have the connections to put in front of the right people. We offer a full range of services and continued support for Our Clients.


Cannabis Consulting

One of our core services is the establishment of a licensed cannabis business in any state that is licensed to do so, but specifically the state of Alaska. We have the ability to help you from day 1 to your first harvest, from group purchasing power and access to growing knowledge and experience. We have experience working with retail licenses (dispensaries in some states), standard cultivation licenses, limited licenses, manufacturing, and extracts.

Business management and consulting

What we are is a group of business owners that have pooled together enough talent that we believe our skills can be useful to others in various industries. We believe in taking a step forward for the State of Alaska.