Diversified Portfolio

We believe we can make a sustainable, environmentally friendly impact on our State and Local Community by developing businesses that take into account a long term focus for Alaska and the future agriculture, energy, real estate, and capital improvement projects

Business Development Funds

We are consistently developing new investment funds for the purpose of various development activities. We rarely invest in passive management investments and choose to keep a close eye on our holdings. Our funds vary from private investment funds for the purpose of real estate development to short and long term lending for cash flow and equipment for small businesses.

Our Investment Philosophy 

We do not focus our efforts on existing businesses, rather niche markets where a product or service will be a value add to the area.


Agriculture for human consumption is non-existent, 95% of food that is consumed in Alaska is imported. From Cannabis for the purpose of THC production and CBD production, to hemp for plastics and textiles, our companies KushTopia, OutPost, Fort Knox Cannabis have you covered. We are currently licensed to produce cannabis in multiple states.


Energy demand in the Anchorage bowl is expanding year over year, rural areas (e.g. Nome, Barrow, Dead Horse, Prudhoe Bay) are in need of a sustainable solution to their energy demands. This business is pending fund development.

Real Estate

Using our methods of construction, we can produce earthquake resistant buildings that are 1/3 the cost of traditionally constructed buildings. We specialize in the acquisition of properties for the purpose of large development projects. We are currently building agriculture buildings, and soon innovative housing.

Capital Improvement Projects

We work with the local, state, and federal governments to plan and develop projects for the communities in the State of Alaska.

Current project is a 1 Mile long Frisbee Golf course park on the Matanuska River.

Block Chain Future

Our firm is consistently looking for new technology that will help keep Alaska at the forefront. Block chain is being used throughout the world not only for crypto currencies (e.g. Bitcoin), but in Governments to authenticate information without using paper. Some ports, court houses, and other government agencies are currently utilizing this technology.